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We’re a modern, independently owned and run practice with a team of fully accredited & experienced doctors.

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Skin health & aesthetic medicine specialists.

Located in the heart of Unley, Luminiq was founded by doctors who are passionate about providing medical care and aesthetic medicine. Our vision is to provide quality holistic healthcare that is accessible to all.

Our clinic contains state-of-the-art medical facilities and equipment to help address an array of health & aesthetic issues – this includes everything from the routine to the complex at all stages throughout your life.

The younger we start caring for our skins, the better the outcomes.

I was born and raised in South Africa. I studied Medicine at the University of the Orange Free State and did my internship in Johannesburg. Straight after that I started in a general family practice and specialised in Family Medicine. I did my post graduate degree in Family Medicine at the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

As a solo practitioner I did general medicine, small surgical procedures as well as some aesthetic medicine, like skin acid peeling, toxin injections and fillers.

In 2008 we moved to Adelaide, Australia, and I started working in a big general practice in the South. I had to do the RACGP exam to become a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practice in 2010. We also became full citizens of Australia shortly after.

My interest in holistic medicine expanded as well as my desire to do more skin health and aesthetic medicine. Through HealthCert I have completed both the Professional Certificate and the Advanced Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine and am currently doing the Professional Diploma of Aesthetic Medicine.

The skin is a fascinating organ with so many diverse functions, and with people getting older all the time, the skin is the organ that first reflects your age. Ageing, sometimes a bad diet, exposure to the sun, computers, artificial light ,infections and toxins, are all factors that our skin has to contend with on a daily basis. Usually it is only for the most extreme skin conditions that you would see a doctor specialising in dermatology or plastic surgery, but for the everyday care, skin checks, mild acne, scarring, pigmentation, your usual gp is the person you would see.

I decided to specialise in this area, to help people with skin problems, to take gp care one step further – to diversify in “Rejuvenation”as well as “Pre-rejuvenation”.

The younger the age that we start caring for our skins, and especially now with all the new technology and research available, the better the outcomes. I strongly believe we can really be a generation of people with beautiful healthy skin.

A healthy skin requires a healthy lifestyle.

I was born and brought up in South Africa and studied medicine at the University of Cape Town and did my internship in Port Elizabeth.

I worked for the following year in the emergency department and then moved to work in respiratory intensive care and anaesthetics, obtaining my diploma in anaesthetics and diploma in conscious sedation.

I moved into general practice after the birth of my first child, for a better work life balance. My general practice experience includes, general family medicine, skin lesion removal, insertion and removal of intrauterine and implanon devices and botox and filler injections.

We moved to Australia in 2008 and I have worked since then in a practice in the South of Adelaide, except for a short period of work in Brisbane in 2015/2016.

I completed my RACGP exam in 2010 and was admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

I worked in holistic medicine in Brisbane and have expanded my interest in that as well as skin health.

A healthy skin requires a healthy lifestyle.

My vision is to improve the aesthetic appearance, by improving lifestyle, health, hydration of the skin and a youthful complexion in normal and problem skins, with the help of the treatment modalities at our disposal.

Through Healthcert I have obtained a Professional Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine, the Professional Certificate and Advanced Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine and am currently busy completing a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine.

Luminiq - GP & Skin Health

Better health
Proactive treatments & preventive care specialising in a full range of medical skin care.

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Luminiq - Aesthetic Medicine
Luminiq - Aesthetic Medicine

Look younger
Non-surgical procedures that reduce the signs of age without excessive recovery time.

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Luminiq - Cosmeceuticals
Luminiq - Cosmeceuticals

Enhanced outcomes
Carefully crafted to address treatment needs to ensure our clients achieve optimal results.

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